Adonis Golden Ratio and the Venus Factor

Having a baby can be an extremely stressful time, as all expectant mothers and fathers will by now have realized!

Yet there are plenty of ways of enjoying the pregnancy and reducing stress levels to acceptable levels, ranging from the simple and mundane like taking a nap each day to the more complicated like ensuring that you’re engaged in a fitness and diet program.

Now one of the things that people are frightened of when the woman is pregnant is having sex, but you can see from this post, sex can actually be a lot better during pregnancy.

I’d also suggest that sex can be a lot better if you’re fit and healthy, and one of the best ways to maintain levels of fitness and health is to use the to exercise and diet programs by John Barban known as the

Adonis golden ratio for men, and the Venus factor for women

So why are these two things so helpful during pregnancy?

Well, first of all, it’s going to make you feel better about yourself if you reduce your stress levels, and exercises a great way of doing that.

Secondly, if you’re fit and healthy, and enjoying a good diet, then you’re actually going to feel better about yourself, because you’ll have a higher self-esteem and more self-respect.

Thirdly, if you actually exercise in a serious regime, you can make sure that your body stands up to the stress and strain of pregnancy and being an expectant father.

Fourthly, if you exercise rigorously and regularly, then you’re actually going to enjoy much better sex because you may be feeling less stressed, more relaxed, fitter, and your body musculature, which contributes to the sensations of orgasm,  is going to be stronger.

All in all, therefore, there is a compelling set of reasons why you should take the trouble to exercise regularly, even at a time where you’re likely to have lots of demands on you in every way.

So what, then, is the Adonis golden ratio all about? What it certainly isn’t is just a body building program for men. It’s an integrated system of dieting, fitness, bodybuilding, and cardiovascular fitness. It was derived by John Barban from existing programs for men, but adjusted to match male physiology perfectly.

A further refinement that John Barban introduced was to modify the program so that every man who took it received an individual and highly specific system of exercise and nutritional advice so that he would get the optimum benefits from engaging in this program.

If you’re a man and you’d like to look at some evidence of the connection between fitness and sexual pleasure, you can see it here.

Now of course none of this is meant to imply that we are all going to have to look like an Adonis, and have a similar level of fitness to an Olympic athlete to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction — that would be ridiculous.

What I am saying is that very clearly there is a direct connection and link between the amount of caring time that you take looking at your body, and pleasure that you get from sex and the amount of stress that you experience.

Nowhere is that more important than when you’re trying to support a woman who is pregnant — and indeed, to put it bluntly, still trying to get your end away whilst she is gestating a baby!

Venus for women

But this is no less true for women, because women’s requirements during pregnancy tend to get put aside in favour of the babies requirements — and yet she needs to look after her own level of fitness and eat good diet as well.

With the Venus Factor, you are immediately given the support of an entire community of women who can advise you on diet and exercise whilst you’re pregnant, and give you the greatest chance of enjoying your pregnancy and still maintaining a high level of fitness.

Yes, exercise certainly can be a big part of the equation of maintaining fitness during pregnancy, but it does require effort, and it also requires you to motivate yourself.

The motivation factor can be improved by joining the community that John Barban is designed to be supportive and positive: when you join a program with John Barban’s name on it, you get access to a whole set of people — thousands of them — who are basically going through the same process that you are, and who are willing to offer all kinds of help, support and advice.

Women who are pregnant, this is especially important, because nowhere is it more critical to ensure that you get advice and support from other women have been similar experience them when you’re giving birth to a baby.

So my suggestion to you is that don’t regard the venus factor is something that is just about getting fit and looking good when you’re not pregnant — regarded as Something that will take you through your pregnancy so that you enjoy it more, and support you beyond your pregnancy so that you can enjoy life when the baby is born.

And for men, the Adonis golden ratio is undoubtedly a program that can reduce stress, increase sexual pleasure, and leave a couple feeling more closely bonded than they might otherwise be during pregnancy.