Orgasm During Pregnancy?

Well, why not?

At its best, sex is one of the finest human experiences, and when you’re pregnant, the added excitement of carrying a baby can add another layer of emotions to the feelings and sensations you enjoy during your lovemaking.

And since orgasm is a route to spiritual connection with your partner, it’s only natural to want to enjoy the full power of your feminine sexuality at this time…..but sometimes orgasms are elusive, and the full pleasure of sex seems hard to achieve.

Well, if you’re finding it difficult to achieve climax, we’d recommend using the profoundly arousing techniques outlined by Jason Julius in his powerful orgasm program, The Female Orgasm Blueprint.

There’s a spiritual aspect to sex even when you’re not expecting – it’s a route to soul connection with your partner – and this becomes even more profound when you’re pregnant: there’s a turbulent mix of sex, spirituality and the creation of new life.

Naturally you’ll be aware of all these things when you make love during your pregnancy.

Remember that the endorphins produced when you enjoy an orgasm are extremely relaxing for your baby too – what feels good for you will be good for baby as well!

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