Sex – Is It OK During Pregnancy?

Sex techniques during pregnancy

All the kinds of sexual expression that couples are used to can continue during pregnancy. However as the woman’s belly grows it is often desirable to adapt their customary positions for intercourse.

Many couples find that the frequency of intercourse declines, but they adopt other forms of sexual expression – massage, masturbation and oral sex in particular.

That way they can continue to express their intimacy fully. We shall look in turn at each of the main ways of expressing intimacy in pregnancy: intercourse, masturbation, oral sex and massage.

Early in pregnancy, especially in the first three months, the man-on-top position usually presents no physical difficulty for the couple.

Couples are often worried that they might hurt the baby, but there is no need for anxiety – they can’t.

Sex during pregnancy
Other methods of lovemaking may have to replace face to face sex during pregnancy.

As the woman’s belly grows larger, the face-to-face position becomes less practical – the belly presents a considerable obstacle to penis-vagina contact. People then make more use of alternatives, such as woman-on-top sex and side-by-side sex.

The woman on top sex position, where she sits astride the man, is entirely safe and no harm can come to the baby.

A side by side sex position with the man behind allows for rear entry of the penis into the vagina.

Side-by-side sex facing each other is also favorable, as, like rear-entry sex, it means that both people have their hands free to caress each other.

Each couple’s creativity can add variety to these basic positions.

sex during pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy can take just as many forms as it can outside pregnancy!

For example, the woman-on-top sex position can be done on a chair rather than a bed. For rear-entry sex the woman can be on her hands and knees to start with, rather than lying down.

Pregnancy does encourage experimentation and many couples find that some of the practices they discover during pregnancy are continued and become a regular part of their sexual expression after the birth of the baby.

Intercourse is not obligatory though, and some couples find that after the, first few months of pregnancy it becomes sufficient to enjoy masturbation.

Self-masturbation and mutual masturbation are both popular during pregnancy. Masturbation may be used as a satisfying end in itself or as part of some other way of releasing sexual tension.

Some people, of course, cannot accept masturbation as a proper practice or as part of their personal ethic, and so they reject it in pregnancy as they do the rest of the time.

Masturbation is just as appropriate in pregnancy as at any other time, but if an individual or a couple feels that it simply is not right then it is best ruled off their list of options.

Oral Sex is popular during pregnancy. Some people who used not to have oral sex before pregnancy have experimented as intercourse became more difficult, and found it very satisfying.

It can be continued safely right through pregnancy. Sometimes, increased vaginal lubrication and a slight change in vaginal odor present a temporary difficulty, but it is nothing that cannot be overcome by bathing before sex and maybe using a scented lotion.

Massage is an extremely sensuous and fulfilling form of sexual expression. It has the advantage of providing the opportunity for deep feelings to be communicated without a genital act.

During the pregnancy period or some part of it this may be an ideal way for a couple to be in close contact with each other and not to have to worry about intercourse, oral sex or other genital practices which they may feel uncomfortable about at the time.

Afterward, massage may well remain as another way two people communicate their feelings.

You don’t have to be an expert to provide pleasure through massage. Your partner can tell you what feels good and you can work out satisfying techniques together.

And then there are the small, everyday ways of showing affection. Kissing, holding and touching each other also express loving care, and are important signs that all is well in the relationship and that you are still physically and emotionally close to each other.

They can provide reassurance that the two people still find each other attractive even in periods when they may be refraining from genital sex.

Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

Pregnant? Interested in sex? Or is it the last thing on your mind? If you are enjoying sex, here’s what you need to know about the best way to have safe sex during pregnancy. If you’d like to be pregnant, you have sex. But what’s the rule around sex while you are pregnant? Well, the answers aren’t always so clear.

Is it OK to have sex while I’m pregnant?

Yes, provided that your pregnancy is going along normally, sex is something you can enjoy as often as you like — but remember you may not always want it. In the early stages, hormonal changes, fatigue and nausea may cause you to lose sexual desire.

And then, in the second trimester, increased blood flow to your genitals and breasts may make your desire for sex stronger.

Alas, the third trimester heralds weight gain, back pain, and tiredness (maybe) and so your enthusiasm for sex may wane once again.

Can sex while I am pregnant cause a miscarriage?

Many couples ask if sex during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage, especially in the early stages. But although early miscarriages do happen, they are not due to sex; they are caused by chromosomal abnormalities or other developmental problems — not anything you do or don’t do in bed!

Does sex during pregnancy harm the baby?

No, because the amniotic fluid in your uterus, and the mucous plug that blocks the cervix throughout most of a normal pregnancy protects the baby. Sexual activity during pregnancy won’t harm your baby.

What are the best sexual positions during pregnancy?

Most sexual positions are OK during pregnancy, as long as you feel comfortable. You can always experiment to find which positions are best for you!

But rather than lying on your back, try side by side positions or go on top of your partner or let him enter you from behind. Creativity is important, so keep mutual pleasure and comfort in mind.

What about oral and anal sex?

Oral sex is safe during pregnancy. But never blow air into your vagina – this can produce a life-threatening condition for you and the baby.

And anal sex isn’t such a good idea for several reasons – if you have pregnancy-related hemorrhoids it can be uncomfortable. Also, it allow infection-causing bacteria to spread from the rectum to the vagina.

Can female orgasm trigger premature labor?

Orgasm does indeed cause uterine contractions, but they are different from labor contractions. In a normal pregnancy, orgasms produced by masturbation or intercourse don’t increase the chances of premature labor or indeed a premature birth. Nor is sex likely to trigger labor even if you are near your due date.

Are there times when sexual intercourse during pregnancy should be avoided?

Sex is safe throughout most of a woman’s pregnancy, but it’s best to be cautious and avoid sex if:

  • You have vaginal bleeding of uncertain origin
  • You’re leaking amniotic fluid
  • You’re at risk of preterm labor
  • Your cervix opens prematurely (cervical incompetence)
  • Your placenta covers your cervical opening, in whole or part (placenta previa)

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