Sex Positions During Pregnancy

There’s no point trying to avoid this issue – pregnant women may want to have sex just as much as other people! But unfortunately pregnant women may not see themselves as particularly attractive – and, for that matter, their men may not see them as very attractive either. And of course, some couples find pregnancy a massive boost to their sex lives.

However there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that some pregnant women don’t regard themselves as attractive, they may have anxiety as a consequence, and they certainly suffer low sex drive during pregnancy.

For men, one of the most common sexual dysfunctions related to pregnancy is lack of desire and erectile dysfunction.

Now I know better than anyone that it is a mistake to think pure sexual attraction is responsible for the flowering of love, but let’s face facts – there has to be a spark of some kind before most people fall in love! You can find out here how men fall in love with women if you’re looking for a loving relationship – you never know, you might even find out how to make a man fall in love with YOU!

Pregnant women can also suffer social anxiety, and some also report less sexual enjoyment, lower levels of sexual desire, higher levels of anxiety, less pleasure in orgasms  all of which could be associated with body shame issues.

I have to say that I think one effective way in which people can deal with this is to first of all find an effective therapist, and, secondly, find out what is causing them to react in this way to their pregnancy.  There may be issues related to personal boundaries – the body acting as a physical boundary, between a woman and other people, a protection against interaction and engagement formed due to early emotional wounding.

Sex positions

But I want to focus in this post on something more practical: sex positions for pregnant women, and the question of how sexual enjoyment can be increased among a group of people who clearly could be considered to be at a disadvantage when it comes to manipulating their bodies into lovemaking positions!

sex during pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy can take just as many forms as it can outside prgenancy!
Sex during pregnancy
Other methods of lovemaking may have to replace face to face sex during pregnancy.
sex during pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy

It’s a live issue for a lot of people, and clearly there’s a lot to think about: man on top, for example, surely becomes impractical because of the weight of the man, and any position which requires the woman to sit on the man is probably also impossible because of her weight: so which sexual positions are best for pregnant women?

At a rough guess: rear entry, with the woman having her belly on the bed and the man standing behind her; forward entry by the man standing on the side of the bed, with the woman lying on her back with her legs over the edge; side-by-side, if the genitals can be brought close enough to allow penetration; and of course oral sex.

But since I’m no expert on the subject, and I don’t have any experience of sexual intercourse with a pregnant partner, I thought perhaps the easiest way to bring some relevant information to bear on the subject was to offer the video produced by this lady for your enjoyment.

Sexual positions suitable for pregnancy: a video

I love the presenter’s energy and personality!

Perhaps I should just add in conclusion that sex positions for pregnancy may not be very fulfilling, even when both the man and the woman want to enjoy intercourse. In fact it can be quite awkward to find a position that’s comfortable. This can be made worse if neither the man nor the woman actually have a high level of fitness.

For example, the missionary position, which I’ve already suggested isn’t suitable for pregnant women could actually be used by a couple where pillows are placed under woman’s buttocks so the angle of her vagina is modified to make penetration easier. Even so, the man will need to be in a kneeling position, and the whole thing can begin to seem like a chore rather than pleasurable.

One highly recommended position, however, is to have the woman lying on her side with her knees bent, supported as necessary by pillows perhaps under her hip. The man should kneel behind her (like you would be doing if you are going into the doggy style position), but instead, he lifts one of her legs and enters her from behind while kneeling behind her.

I want to remark here – despite the difficulties, pregnant women are as entitled to lovemaking as anyone else. If you are a man who wants to know how to keep love alive during this important time in life, and to ensure your woman takes pleasure in her body in bed, check out this wonderful information.

Another possibility revealed by ask is to have the woman place her vagina over the man’s penis, but not to sit on top of him as in the normal female on top position. Instead, she can lean back on her arms, placing them outside the man’s knees which are raised up – the woman is facing the man, in case that wasn’t clear – and her legs and feet will go over his shoulder.

The woman can use her feet to push herself up and down on the man’s erection, and the couple can quickly establish coordinated movement between them.